Jiangsu Yuequan Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. is a creative high-tech enterprise with water as its core. The company is committed to the development concept of "promote water culture, do a good job of water articles". Adopting design techniques and mature fountain production technology, through the integration of light, shadow, water, electricity, sound, fire and other technologies in one form of expression, the fountain has become a unique, innovative, water dance, dreamlike landscape feast, A series of leisure and cultural spaces with multiple functions, such as a large multimedia water show, a large music fountain water dance show, a 4D theater water show, a laser water curtain movie show, a dance light show, and a scenic cultural creative tourism real-life show.

Yuequan Landscape adhering to the corporate purpose of "creating high-end water art". The company has a number of professional water fountain art designers, programmers, engineers and experienced construction teams. With excellent professionals, innovative design concepts, high-quality artistic ideas, sophisticated construction technology, modern enterprise management and perfect after-sales service, we provide customers with design, construction, installation, and after-sales services as one.
Since its establishment, the company has created landmark fountain landscape projects in many cities in China. At present, our company has completed the "Huzhou Changdao Park Digital Music Fountain Project, Yancheng Jingshi College Dry Music Fountain Project, Nanjing Large Lake Music Fountain Laser Water Curtain film project "and many other high-quality water dance show projects.

Integrity is the image of an enterprise, talents are the blood of an enterprise, technology is the driving force of an enterprise, and management is the foundation of an enterprise. Yuequan Landscape will abide by business norms, implement modern economic concepts, take talents as the basis, take the market as the premise, take science and technology as the guide, survive with quality, develop with benefits, consolidate good products with strength, and contribute to the society with professionalism and professionalism. Management and diversified development.