Design points to pay attention to in the design of musical fountains

First, the design should take advantage of the original water resources
If you want to design and install the fountain's landscape or the original water resources near the city on the garden square, and the water resources are pure and pollution-free, you must consider the advantages of the original water resources to design and install the fountain address when planning and constructing the fountain, so as to fully The use of water resources to achieve the recycling of water resources can facilitate the design and construction methods, the use of water resources is convenient.
Second, the fountain design has its own characteristics
The design of the fountain must be creative. In the city or garden, the design of the fountain must have its own urban characteristics. The design and construction should be based on the characteristics of the city. Different styles and types of fountain landscapes, it is important to be different, do not imitate the design of other fountains in the same way, and lose their own style, which will not show their own style.
Third, the water in the fountain water feature must be fluid
The fountain landscape should make the water flow. The flowing water spray makes the spring have dynamic beauty. In the hot summer, the water flow makes the surrounding environment refreshing. It is a good place to cool off in summer. The fusion of fountain landscape and urban garden, Make landscape features outstanding, giving a dynamic beauty.
Fourth, fountains should pay attention to humanity
As a natural and human landscape, the fountain is mainly installed in places such as squares and parks for people to entertain. Therefore, we must pay attention to humanity, so that people can get close to the water and get close to the water to improve the humanity of the landscape.
Five, fountain design should be colorful
As an important cultural landscape in the city, the fountain must have a sense of change and layering in the design to give people a gorgeous and colorful feeling. The design should pay attention to people's visual appreciation, avoid using the same hose and line, and pay attention to the water. The richness of the belt, the novel design of the fountain, the form of the fountain is enriched by the water curtain, and the appreciation of the fountain landscape is improved through different levels of sense.
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